CROON posts positive results in 2013

The end of year figures for Croon Elektrotechniek, part of TBI Holdings B.V., were positive. The operating result was 5.4m euro and ...

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Sustainable campus for Erasmus University Rotterdam

SMT Bouw & Vastgoedand TBI companies Croon Elektrotechniek and Wolter & Dros will be constructing the new development of a ...

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Energy from the ocean with OTEC:

Recently Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) received a new lease on life. OTEC is the technology that uses the difference in ...

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Security Courthouse Aruba by Croon Caribe: “Put your back into it, starting day 1”

The government of Aruba signed the agreement with Croon Caribe for the security of the local Courthouse on 20 June 2013. Immediately the ...

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Electrical works for the General Aviation Apron started

Croon Caribe has received the order for the electrical works for the General Aviation Apron extension on the south side of the Aruba ...

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