Industrial projects

Well-organised project management and up-to-date knowledge help Croon improving the continuity and quality of production processes. Croon proactively considers design, implementation, maintenance and upkeep of technical and logistical systems. We improve efficiency in processes and installations with thorough analysis and well thought-out technical solutions. Safety, quality, flexibility and innovation are our mainstays.

Sustainable relations, sustainable returns

Croon carries through sustainability on each level. We strive for good and lasting relations with all our partners: from employee right up to client and supplier. Our method of working also extends the life-time of installations, decreases management costs, optimises work processes and creates the right basis for sustainable returns.

Flexible and decisive

Croon is flexible. We are used to very large projects as well as to very small jobs; we perform equally well on both. After all, we have been doing so for years. More than sufficient experience, knowledge and ’manpower’! Whether you have a long-term project or a short-term job, you can always rely on us.

Guaranteed quality and safety

Croon is known for its high quality and for being a trendsetter on many specific areas of knowledge as well as in working methods. Of course we carry all accepted certificates. Safety is our number one priority.