Energy management

Optimum energy management

Handling energy sources wisely is not only environmentally friendly, but also generates increased cost-efficiency. As the sustainable technology service provider, Croon Caribe likes to use sustainable energy technologies. Low temperature systems (LTS) including water pumps, solar energy, heat/cold storage in the soil, thermal use of groundwater and co-generation. Through optimal management of energy in buildings and production processes and with some help from our head office in the Netherlands, Croon Caribe makes its contribution to the energy saving and control we need.

Entire energy chain

Croon Caribe deals with all kinds of sustainable energy applications, integrated with other systems, if necessary, both for existing and newly-built premises. Research, feasibility, advice, energy optimization, installation, control and service are part of our service provision in this field. We address each link of the (sustainable) energy chain with speed and efficiency. Croon Caribe gives you results-focused advice about what is really important. We have the people and technologies to implement our advice and we routinely combine this with performance agreements.

Continuity and sustainability

Croon Caribe, always aims for continuity and sustainability in design, installation, control and management of technical installations for measuring and control. Croon Caribe also takes on any detailed engineering.

Perfection in management

Croon Caribe offers an integrated package of products and services. For instance, Croon Caribe can take care of the realization of entire electrical, instrumentation and control installations; the process control and the automation using PLC and SCADA applications. The advantages are optimum ease and perfection in the control of the purification process. Supporting services consist of standard software packages, working together with system suppliers, an extensive product package and a failure and maintenance service.

Croon is the sustainable technology service provider for everyone who wants to control and manage water chain processes more efficiently.